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I had lived an unhealthy lifestyle, due to my lack of knowledge about nutrition and the purpose for eating.

The purpose of eating is to provide the necessary amount of nutrients for the development, growth and maintenance of our body by breaking it down to a simpler form so it can be absorbed to be utilize. It is often consumed only for a belly full.

I ate to fulfill the desires of my sweet tooth and to have a “belly full”. I had irregular eating patterns and I had desired mostly process foods. I never loved fruits and vegetables.
I became ill due to my unhealthy eating practices.
 At my early thirty’s, I was so amazed, when I learnt about the knowledge of our immune system. It is designed to heal and protect our bodies, given the right nutrients.
I learned if I alter my diet and add mostly leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits and avoid the process foods my body will heal itself as it is designed to do if it obtained the right nutrients.
Nutrition plays an important role in providing the immune system with nutrients. 
Since I had learned about the immune system, I became passionate about nutrition which motivated me to began studying at NYU.

My academical journey at NYU, is  empowering me to work closely with  health professionals in providing care for all communities worldwide.





  I also realized “food is more than just eating, besides providing the body with nutrients, it oftentimes bonds people from all walks of life socially and culturally.”                       
       Feel free to browse along and hope you enjoy the monthly blogs and become nutrition empowered as a regular visitor to this website.
To your left are pics of  products from my home gardening. There are peppers, beans, cucumber and okras.Thanks in advance. Warm regards.
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Warm regards -theflamingflower.


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Currently writing blogs, but "stay tuned!" I plan to offer nutrition counseling once I obtain my credential as a registered dietitian.If you are interested in this ,feel free to sign up for my email list to be notified once I start."