Recent posts : How To Ease Lower Back Pains Or Open Tight Hips

“Be empowered with wellness. You may not need medication for lower back pains, stiff necks or hips…you may just need to stretch those muscles. Here are some knowledge to help you get your life back .”

Understanding The Source Of The ProblemMuslim Woman in Hijab Sits on Green Grass Lawn in Park Bends in Body Doing  Fold Female Stretching by jm_video

Are you suffering from neck and lower back aches? The industrious revolution is great with the advance in technology that makes our lives easier but their usages while sitting down for long hours without stretching can contribute to worse muscular pains

You may be someone whose main activity levels are sedentary (which is sitting ) which last for 8 hrs. and more, such as students, video game players, binge watchers, drivers, administrative staffs, etc.

You maybe someone who sits at the desk of your office all day long. You may be working remotely sitting before the computer for extended hours during and after the pandemic, a taxi cab driver and even texting on our phones.  

Guess what I know what you are going through and I felt your pain. I once was there. Now my aches and pain disappeared which was awesome. Thanks be to the Almighty God from whom all knowledge and healing flows.

Most people experienced lower back pains due to long hours of sitting in the same position on a daily basis. Due to the fact that beneath our skin are tissues and  structures such as muscles and bones and you may want to check the doctor to find out its bone related or not or it could be your muscles?

Understanding the structure of your lower back, you may be able to understand the root of your pain.  

Please note that they are another type of pain which is associated with your joints, whether a knee, elbow, hip, shoulder or any other spot where two bones meet.

According to Emily Lark the doctors called it bone on bone, so that’s why I suggest to first see a doctor to get diagnosed to be able to know what type of pain it is before you follow the provided instructions on how to get heal and be free from pain and get on joyfully with your daily lives.

First to avoid confusion, lets us break down what bone on bone is . The end of the bones are covered with cartilage (smooth white connective tissue), that act as a cushion at every joints that makes effortless movement possible.

These cartilages as the years passes, can erode, cell by cell, it just wears away. As a result of that the bones starts to rub against each other causing the pain.

Let”s be clear though, the type of pain we are talking about, is not the bone on bone type. It is the type that is associated with deep muscles located at the lower back and around the hips, that  results from a repetitive trauma effect or injuries from accidents, sports, etc.

My Testimony – Thank God  for Emily Lark

According to” back to life,” Its time to break free from pain and get back to happy, healthy life. Did you know sitting down(sedentary) for long hours on a daily basis can pull our spines and joints out of their healthy alignment and cause our backs to become dangerously dysfunctional?

Look, I was also a victim of excruciating lower back pain. I usually sits for prolong hours before the computer whether its job related or school projects. I could hardly walk, climb stairs or run.

I had been to the doctor who x-ray my back and discovered that they were no broken bones but that my spine were not properly aligned due to poor posture. He had recommended I do some recreation, after completing once a week physical therapy for a month.

The doctor did not clearly explain the depths of my problem so I did not fully understand how much my muscles were involved, which was the key tissue that was injured causing the lower back pain.

One day I was browsing online and pounced upon Emily Lark’s website. Emily offered a low cost program, called “Back to Life” which involves stretching and of which I had received and applied which did great wonders for me. I encourage all to visit her website too via links available in this blog for amazing knowledge about obtaining good results.

What Is Repetitive Trauma?

According to Lark, this obviously explains itself as a repeatedly occurrence of a physical injury on parts of the body. The muscles are fibrous tissues that has the ability to stretch like the elastic  band. The muscles functions is to provide strength, support, contract and expand to allow free movements and flexibility.

This physical injury is happening to the lower back muscles when it  remains in a contracted status for very prolong periods. As a result you will experience  great pain at the lower back and the muscles around the hips will become tightened.

The muscles of the lower back are connected to the hip and leg muscles, so your muscles from the waist down will be affected. The muscles has to be able to contract and expand to allow flexibility and movements.

If the muscles  are repeatedly traumatized, it needed to be release.The only way  is to exercise smartly, performing specific  stretching techniques that focuses on the muscles of the lower back and hip  to be relieved from this misery.

The following are exercises that will allow healing, including nutrients that are necessary to facilitate healing. Exercises are also needed to strengthen the core and tightened the tummy that it will be able to support the upper body and ease the pressure off the contracted muscles.

One of the healthiest habits you can have is one around injury prevention and mobility – especially in your hips and low back.  

Click on the highlighted links below to discover, according to Emily Lark, the various ways you can ease lower back pains, open tight hips muscles and tone your core: 

Our muscles need nutrients such as magnesium, protein, vitamin c, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. This link will reveal to you foods that consist of  above mentioned nutrients that will assist the body to heal and repair the aching muscles. 

Last but not least, we cannot forgot water which is very essential for healthy muscles. You don’t need to do surgery or live on medication to be healed. The medication won’t heal the underlined cause of the problem but will only provide temporary comfort by easing the symptoms. 

Also if your job or task requires prolong hours of sitting, please remember to stand or walk around every two hours, which helps greatly to avoid trauma to the muscles. 

These tips brought healing to my muscles, my soreness and stiffness disappears after two weeks of applying the hip opener ones and I know all these can  help you too. Even if I have never heard from you before, as my friend Emily would say, I quote –  “please know that I am here thinking of you and wishing you nothing but peace, love and healing”. Thanks for reading….. and ….

Be empowered!!