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Pre And Post Natal Nutrition - coming soon!

Adequate health and nutrients are needed for a successful reproduction and lactation.The first 1,000 days of life can shape a child’s future

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  • Sport nutrition education intervention increased nutritional knowledge and nutritional status.

  • Sport nutrition education intervention reduced body fat percentage, total fat mass……

“Maintaining Well-Being Through Stressful Times”

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When it comes to weight management, sometimes we are faced with temptations. To achieve good results, we have to make a choice between fast foods and healthy fruits and vegetables.
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Weight Management

If meal time discussions center on weight management, it’s time to drop negative talk in favor of something more positive. Don’t worry, you can achieve it. Lets begin the process.

Here are some weight management cooking tips:

Carbohydrates :

  • Choose whole grains.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in recipes; it can often be cut in half. Use noncaloric sweeteners in drinks.
  • Substitute sucralose (Splenda) for sugar when baking.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. They are high in fiber.
  • Add vegetables when stir-frying or to soups.
  • Dried peas, beans, and lentils are rich in fiber and are a good meat substitute.
  • Choose fish and lean meats often. Meats labeled “loin” or “round” are leaner.
  • Cut away fat and remove skin from chicken and other poultry.
  • Choose reduced-fat cheeses.
  • When scrambling eggs, throw away some of the yolks to reduce the calories in your meal. All the fat and most of the calories are in the yolks. Have some meatless meals. Substitute beans, egg whites, tofu, or texturized soy protein products for meat .
Fats :

All fats and oils are high in calories. Use less when possible.

  • Cut the amount of oil in half and substitute applesauce or fruit puree for the other half of the fat.
  • Select reduced-fat cheese and fat-free (skim) or low-fat (1%) milk products.
  • Flavor with lemon juice or herbs instead of butter, margarine, or oil.
  • Choose reduced-fat salad dressings and limit portion size. Instead of salad dressing, use vinegar or lemon juice with just a small amount of oil.
  • Use fat-free evaporated skim milk to replace whole milk in sauces.
  • Use a reduced-fat margarine spread instead of regular butter, margarine, or oil.

Copyright Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This handout may be duplicated for client education. 

Cooking Methods

  • Sauté foods in a small amount of wine, broth, or juice instead of using fat or oil.
    Bake, broil, grill, roast, or stew instead of frying in fat.
    Place meat on a rack while cooking so grease will drain off.
    Remove fat from cooked ground meat by draining on a rack or using a paper towel to soak up grease.
    When making stews or soups, refrigerate the broth and skim hardened fat off the top before reheating and serving.
  • Use a nonstick cooking spray instead of butter, margarine, oil, or shortening.
  • Use a nonstick skillet. Less or no oil is required to prevent sticking.
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Food Intolerances - coming soon!

Adverse food reactions are defined as any abnormal reaction following the ingestion of food

Food intolerances are estimated to affect up to 20% of the population….

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